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Useful Web Links

The links below will provide more details concerning the legal environment in Kosovo and what business support can be obtained o­n the ground.

The UNMIK website gives an overview of Mission activities as well as providing a full catalogue of UNMIK Regulations and media reports.
The website for Pillar IV looks at European Union activities in terms of economic development and aid work across Kosovo.
The European Agency for Reconstruction is responsible for the management of the main EU Assistance Programmes in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (Republic of Serbia, Kosovo, Republic of Montenegro) and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.
The Central Fiscal Authority comprises departments acting as a treasury, budget office, tax administration, customs service and other fiscal bodies. This department is best placed to provide information o­n taxation issues and accounting policy.
The Euro Info Correspondence Centre (EICC), belongs to a network of around 300 Euro Info Centres established by the European Commission. The objective is to provide the business community, legislators, students and the general public with user-friendly, high quality information o­n the European Community, in order to foster business cooperation and trade. A key objective of the EICC is to facilitate business cooperation between Kosovo and European SME's.
Kosovo Business Support (KBS) is a USAID funded programme aiming to support the revitalisation of business through a business services programme providing direct assistance and training to SME's as well as broader umbrella activities to provide general support for the Kosovo SME sector. KBS will eventually provide these services o­n a consultancy basis.