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Wave 28 - legal

The Kosovo Trust Agency is tasked to privatise Socially Owned Enterprises in Kosovo through the methods of spin-off and liquidation. Investors are invited to buy through open competitive tender the NewCos (new companies) created with the essential assets and some limited liabilities of the SOEs listed below.


The KTA, as trustee pursuant to UNMIK Regulation 2002/12, as amended by UNMIK Regulation 2005/18 (the “KTA Regulation”), has concluded from its analysis of documentation and other evidence in relation to the entities/assets set out below that such entities/assets fall within its jurisdiction pursuant to the KTA Regulation.

NewCo 17 Nëntori Shop Lypjan L.L.C. - this offering comprises a single shop including basement (91 m²) and ground floor (145 m²) having total area of about 236 m². The shop is situated in Gjergj Fishta road close to the centre of Lypjan/Lipljan.

NewCo White House Shops L.L.C. - this NewCo provides the opportunity to purchase a group of seven shops, located in the White House building located in Nerodime road Ferizaj/Urosevac. Total area of the shops is approximately 224m².
Previous Names and FI Numbers:
17 Nëntori, D.P. “17 Novembar”, Ferizaj/Urosevac with: Fi -730/89,
D.D. “17 Novembar” Ferizaj/Urosevac with: Fi – 6249/92

NewCo Textile Factory Letnica L.L.C. - offers to investors a factory with approx. 3 ha with production and auxiliary premises covering approx. 3,200 m². The site is located in Letnicë/Letnica, Viti/Vitina municipality. Moveable assets transferred to NewCo are mainly industrial sewing machines.

NewCo Letnica Viti Properties L.L.C. - offers to interested investors different objects located near and in Viti/Vitina: a site with approx. 6 arks with a production and administration building of approx. 430 m², as well as two shops in the centre of Viti/Vitina. Moveable assets transferred to NewCo are mainly industrial sewing machines.
Previous Names and FI Numbers:
WO “Letnica”, MZ Letnica, Fi-105/84,
Produzece za proizvodnju konfekcijei obuce “Letnica” sa P.O. u Letnici SO Viti, with: Fi -793/89

NewCo Çyçavica Shops Vushtrri/Vucitrn L.L.C. - is located near the centre of Vushtrri / Vucitrn opposite the Kosovo Police service police school and includes a site with a total surface area of about 119.45 m² with two ground floor shops(Shop 1: area of 59.725 m²; Shop 2: area of 59.725 m²)
Previous Names and FI Numbers:
TRO na veliko i malo “Cicavica” Vucitrn,
BOAL na veliko i malo “Kaljaja” Vucitrn
Fi 118/85
TRO na veliko i malo “Cicavica” Vucitrn
Fi 03/88
SOE na Veliko i Malo “Cicavica” Vucitrn
Fi 632/89
JSC u Mesovitoj Svojini “ Cicavica” Vucitrn
Fi 7523/92

NewCo Dubrava Livestock Dairy farm L.L.C. - with approximately 400 ha of agricultural land (with farm shed buildings).It lies in the Dubrava and Shushica kadaster zones. The agriculture land is very contagious next to shed farms and has an irrigation System.
Previous Names and FI Numbers:
Agricultural Enterprise "Dubrava"; Ndërmarrja Bujqësore "Dubrava"; Poljoprivredno Preduzece "Dubrava" Fi.268 /90
Yuko Dubrava D.D Export- Import Istog/Istok; Commercial Court Registration
Fi. 268/89

NewCo Bujqësia - Agricultural Land Dugajevë /Dugenjive L.L.C. - provides investors with the opportunity to acquire about 150 ha of agricultural land. The landholding is located in Cadastral Zone Bokshiq, Dugajeve, Poterq, Jabllanicë/a and Gllogjan in Klina and Peja Municipality.

NewCo Bujqësia - Agricultural Land Rosulë/Rosuje L.L.C. - is located in Pejë/Peć Municipality. The landholding proposed for this tender includes approximately 270 hectares of agricultural land, located in cadastral zones of Jabllanicë/a Rosulë/Rosuje in Pejë/Peć Municipality.
Previous Names and FI Numbers:
S.P. PIK "Dušan Mugoša - Duč" OOUR "Poljoprivreda" Peć sa n.sol.o.,
N.P. KBI "Dushan Mugosha - Duq" OTHPB "Bujqësia" Pejë me p.p.sol. (with unlimited solidary liability);
D.P. "Poljoprivreda" Peć sa p.o.,NSH "Bujqësia" Pejë me p.p. (with unlimited liability).
Fi. 525/89 Court SOE "Poljoprivreda" ("Bujqësia")
BOAL "Poljoprivreda" ("Bujqësia") Agricultural Combine "Dušan Mugoša - Duč" n.sol.o me p.p

NewCo Kosovaelektro Administration L.L.C. – offers an atractive business site of approx.296 m² in the centre of Prishtinë/Pristina near the National Museum. The offer includes a one-storey building facilities occupying approx. 179 m² and a yard area of approx. 117 m².
Previous Names and FI Numbers:
CCR of Prishtinë/Pristina Fi.119/87
OP "Elektrotehna" / RO "Elektrotehna" / WO "Electrotehna" CCR of Prishtinë/Pristina
Organizata Punuese Tregtare "Elektrotehna" / Trgovinska Radna Organizacija "Elektrotehna" / Working Organisation of Trading "Elektrotehna".
CCR of Belgrade
Fi.1893/86 OP Tregtare "Elektrotehna" / Trgovinska RO "Elektrotehna"/ WO of Trading "Elektrotehna"
CCR of Prishtinë/Pristina
Fi.4940/92 "Metalotehna" Sh.P.K. / "Metalotehna" D.O.O. / "Metalotehna" L.L.C. and - Ndërmarrja Tregtare Shoqërore "Elektrotehna" / Drustveno Trgovinsko Preduzece "Elektrotehna" / Socially Owned Trading Enterprise "Elekrotehna"
CCR of Belgrade
Fi.2344/93 Metalotehna-Trade Sh.P.K./ Metalotehna-Trade D.O.O. / Metalotehna-Trade L.L.C.
CCR of Belgrade
Fi.8077/94 Ndërmarrja Holding "Metalotehna Trade Holding" Sh.P.K / Holding Preduzece "Metalotehna Trade Holding" D.O.O. /Holding Enterprise "Metalotehna Trade Holding" L.L.C. CCR of Belgrade Fi.3063/94 Metalotehna Pristina Sh.P.K. / Metalotehna Pristina D.O.O. / Metalotehna Pristina L.L.C.
UNMIK Provisional Business registration No.80018240 of 2000:
KTSH Kosovaelektro / Trgovinska Drustvena Kompanija Kosovaelektro / Socially Owned Trading Company "KosovaElektro"

NewCo Zhupa Recane –Supermarket in Gornje Selo L.L.C. - includes Supermarket located in attractive part of village Gornje Selo, on a site of approximately 2 ares and which includes one floor building with a total surface area of approximately 55 m² and 145 m² of yard registered in the name of SOE.
Previous Names and FI Numbers:
TP na veliko i malo "Sredacka Zupa" Sredska sa potpunom odgovornoscu , Fi 385/89 (14.12.1989)
DD (JSC) na veliko i malo "Sredacka Zupa" Sredska
Fi 2096/95 (26.07.1995)


Last Day for Pre-qualification is: 10 October 2007
The Day for submitting bids is: 17 October 2007



For this NewCo the Date will be Determined

NewCo Bauxite Mine in Volljak L.L.C. - bauxite operations were initiated in 1966 and have exploited a series of bauxitic lenses with overlying limestone which occur in the area of Klina. The bauxite resources have been mined from a series of open pits, and traditionally were trucked approximately 3 km to an open storage area where they were subsequently loaded into railcars. Ore reserves (using the A, B, C1 socialist categorization) are in the region of 1.7 million tones of bauxite grading between 46.7 and 52%. Resources (c2, D, indicated0 are in the region of 4 million tones of bauxite. Associated limestone overburden totals approximately 40 million tones. This limestone sufficiently pure to traditionally be sold to the Trepca and Feronikeli smelters.
Previous Names and FI Numbers:
N.Sh. Ndërmarrja për xehetari, jo-metale dhe qarkullim “ Kosova” Klinë;  Fi- 647/89
Organizata e Punës Miniera e Boksitit;  Fi-11/86 ishte OP brenda BOAL: Elektroekonomia e Kosovës


In accordance with the KTA Regulation and KTA/UNMIK policy, the KTA proposes to sell the assets of such entities or the assets (together in certain cases, with certain liabilities) through the KTA's privatisation programme. Any persons who believe that they have a valid claim against such entities or assets (including, though not limited to, (i) claims that they believe that they are the lawful owners of any such entities or assets or part thereof or their valid successors and (ii) creditors) should file such claim, together with full explanations and all supporting documentation with the KTA, without delay.

The KTA intends to carry out such sales of such entities/assets by (i) way of spin-off privatisation (transferring assets and, in certain cases certain liabilities, to a newly incorporated company) and then by a follow-up liquidation process or (ii) selling, by way of auction assets as part of a liquidation process.

In the liquidation process, KTA will analyse claims filed and the associated supporting documents in order to determine to whom payments from the sales proceeds should be made in accordance with Applicable Law. It should be noted that, pursuant to Applicable Law, it is likely that 20% of the sale proceeds will first be paid to “eligible workers”, followed by land ownership claimants, secured and unsecured creditor s and then owners of the entities where the entities are determined to have been transformed in accordance with Applicable Law and in a non-discriminatory manner.

The KTA will not adjudicate claims as a quasi-judiciary or administrative body; therefore filing a claim with the KTA, which the KTA strongly encourages potential claimants to do, does not prevent a potential claimant from also filing a claim with the Special Chamber of the Supreme Court of Kosovo, nor from judicially contesting any KTA decision in an appropriate court.

For claim forms and details of how to file a claim, see www.kta-kosovo.org - "how to register a claim" or collect forms from any KTA office. Claims may also be filed at the EU Pillar office in Belgrade whose address is EU Pillar IV Belgrade Office, Tolstojeva 47-49,11000 Beograd, Serbia. Relevant UNMIK Regulations are linked from the KTA website above.
Persons who believe that they are entitled to a share of the 20% of proceeds payable to “eligible workers” (including persons who fall within any applicable Special Chamber definition of “eligible workers” or employees as a result of any Special Chamber definition of "discrimination") may also find details of relevant lists on the above website promptly after the sale/liquidation together with details of how they can file a claim to add themselves to the list.

To receive further information, interested investors should contact the KTA which will provide them with additional information on how to bid.

Kosovo Trust Agency

The Privatisation Department
Street "Ilir Konushevci" No. 8, Pristina, Kosovo
Tel:++ 381 (0) 38 500 400 1255
Fax: ++ 381 (0) 38 248 076
E-mail: soetenders@eumik.org
Website: www.kta-kosovo.org

Fact Sheet Disclaimer

These Fact Sheets provide only a very general overview of each “NewCo” enterprise being tendered. The Kosovo Trust Agency (KTA) does not warrant the accuracy of any information presented. Prospective investors are encouraged to contact the KTA to request the bid documents related to each tender. It is also advised that prospective investors, prior to the submission of a bid, perform their own due diligence as to the NewCo's business, the assets and liabilities to be sold with the NewCo, and the legal regime under which the business will operate.